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YouTubers’ Emotions Influences Audience: Study


An active YouTube user? Then, you are most likely to mirror the emotions of the YouTubers you follow. A study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science has revealed this trend. Not just that, you are also bound to mingle with the crowd that reflects similar ideas.

Correlation between the YouTuber and Audience’s Emotions

The phenomenon of being influenced by other’s emotions is called as “contagion”. “Homophily” is the phenomenon where people seek out those who portray similar thoughts and moods.

Viewers watch nearly 5 billion videos on YouTube every day. Researchers from Tilburg University in Netherlands focused on vlogs and vloggers. Their emotions and experiences was a reliable source of data. With millions of vlogs, researchers narrowed down to those with 10,000+ subscribers.

The team monitored audience’s online comments to measure their emotions and expressions. Researchers found evidence that there was both immediate and sustained effect of vloggers’ emotions on their audiences’ emotions. For instance, if a YouTuber expressed positive emotions, the audience portrayed similar emotions in their comments. This is the case with other types of emotions, too.

The findings reiterate that a collection of psychological mechanisms on social media such as contagion, empathy, and sympathy drives the effect of a vlogger’s emotions on his audience. Furthermore, some researchers studied the patterns on Facebook and Twitter, and have found similar results. People mirrored emotions similar to those by authors of the posts.

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