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Twitter World Abuzz with New Feature


The Twitter world is always buzzing with sensational stories and sometimes amazing real-time breakthroughs. However, Twitter is making headlines today for a completely different reason. Twitter is launching a new feature which lets users hide replies from other users.

Earlier, Twitter allowed users to block and mute unpleasant replies in line with the company policies. However, this feature would allow other users to read hidden tweets if they chose to. This feature is turning eyeballs around the world as it is likely to bring a major change to conversations on Twitter.

According to a senior product manager at Twitter, Michelle Yasmeen Haq, the new feature would make way for a healthy conversation on Twitter. Michelle stated that many people try to keep their conversations healthy using the mute and block options provided earlier. However, they simply were not enough to address the issue.

Blocking an earlier tweet only makes it invisible to the blocker. Similarly, Twitter deletes muted tweets only if they were violating Twitter policies. The new feature would allow people to highlight and call out tweets they disagree with.

Why is Twitter Bent on Hiding this?

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the announcement and said, the company was actively working on the noted feature. Twitter is expecting to launch the new feature soon. Further, Twitter hopes to test it publicly in the near future.

The new feature is likely to make a lot of noise before it is put to test. Many experts are already talking about a possible backlash for unpopular opinions. According to some, this feature could be misused for political gains. According to them, the new feature can suppress growing voices of accountability for politicians.

The company spokesperson also talked about the development of several new features to make Twitter a better platform for conversations.

Recently, Twitter received a lot of criticism for its unintuitive conversation threads. Twitter CEO admitted to some shortcomings of the platform and said following the robust user interaction was hard. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey said the Twitter was working towards making the conversation easier to follow by presenting them in a more cohesive manner.

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