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Rocking Chair helps to Boost Memory and Improves Sleep


A new study reveals the benefits of rocking motion for sleep – one conducted in young adults and other one in mice. The result shows that the rocking chair leads to better sleep and boosts memory consolidation. Even if the volunteers are all good sleepers, when rocked they fall asleep more rapidly and experience deep sleep. This has also resulted in less arousal during the night, thus evincing rocking is good for sleep.

More about the Study

In earlier studies led by scientists from the University of Geneva in Switzerland shows that rocking chair helps fall asleep faster and have sound sleep, for as short a 45-minute nap. In addition, the new study was to explore the influence of rocking on sleep and its effect on brain waves during the night. For the study, scientists chose 18 healthy young adults who were monitored for sleep in the lab. At first night, it was observed that rocking chair helped falling asleep faster while rocking and woke up less. Next, the scientists were keen to know how better sleep influenced memory. The effect of better sleep was evaluated through a memory test. Moreover, the rocking affects brain fluctuations during sleep. This is due to synchronizde neural activity in the thalamo-cortical networks of the brain. This played essential part in both memory and sleep consolidation.

Konstantinos Kompotis and his team carried out the second study in mice, whether rocking helped with better sleep in other creatures as well. A team of researchers led by another scientist from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland were using shakers to rock the cages of mice. The best rocking frequency was observed to be four times more than for humans, with rocking providing the advantage of increased sleep.

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