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Researchers Develop ‘False Hope’ AI strategy against cyber threats


Researchers at university of Missouri have developed a new Artificial Intelligence system to growing counter cyber-attacks. The strategy aims to protect data stored in clouds by creating a misleading trail for attackers. Ideally, the strategy would buy precious time for digital systems to respond to cyber threats.

Online purchases have lured many criminals towards stealing identity, data and other crucial information. The AI based strategy combines the knowledge of psychology and AI to give cyber attackers a false hope. The strategy would mislead attackers into believing that their attack is making progress. Meanwhile, the system would get additional time to build its defenses.

During a common cyber-attack, defense systems often play on the back-foot. Once an attacker enters a system, he can go into several different directions. Subsequently, the odds are stacked against the system as the attack turns into a seemingly endless and futile pursuit.

The new Strategy promises to be a game changer

The ‘false’ hope promises to change the game for cyber defense systems. Using the false hope strategy, the quarantine poses as a decoy which resembles the real target. The strategy was deployed in a study to prevent attacks on resources like crypto currencies as well as on virtual data as well.

As more consumers turn towards clouds for more purchases, the defense system is likely to face an uphill struggle. The researchers remain focused on protecting against grave threats like tampering evidence, restricting data access and stealing data.

The researchers have published their study titled “Intelligent defense using pretense against targeted attacks in cloud platforms,” already. The research was first published in ‘Future Generation Computer Systems’.

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