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Racist commentary leads to stripping of honors from DNA pioneer James Watson


The Nobel Prize winner scientist based in America was recently stripped of all his titles by the laboratory where he worked. This stripping of honors occurred after this co-discoverer of DNA repeated some racist comments as a part of some documentary.

James Watson, the scientist who discovered Double-Helix DNA structure along with Francis Crick during 1950s mentioned during a film by PBS that the genome structure causes a difference with regards to intelligence among the black and white people during IQ tests.

The commentary provided by this 90-year-old was labeled as “Reprehensible” by officials at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CHSL) located at the Long Island of New York. This is where Watson was director starting 1968 till 1993. The laboratory also said that it rejects these reckless and unsubstantiated personal opinions expressed by Dr. James D. Watson. The officials also mentioned that nothing mentioned in these statements were ever supported by science.

The laboratory also condemns any misuse of scientific domain in order to justify a prejudice. Watson previously mentioned that the scientific community for years has been gloomy about the genetic intelligence of people from Africa. This is because our social norms state that their intelligence ranks at the same level as the people that have white skin. However, all such claims were dismissed by the laboratory stating no presence of evidence.

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