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Djokovic on awkward moment with Roger Federer: I apologized immediately


Late night on Monday, Conor McGregor, the MMA fighter announced that he plans to retire from his term as a sportsperson via a tweet.

In his tweet, McGregor mentioned that he has decided to plan a retirement from this sport known as “Mixed Martial Art” in a formal manner. He also wished all his colleagues best of luck as they proceeded forward in the competition. He mentioned that he is going to join his former partners, the ones who have already retired from the sports.

This announcement came just after the 30-Year-Old star-player for UFC got arrested earlier on Monday in Florida. He was allegedly arrested for smashing the phone of a fan just outside the Miami Beach hotel, as confirmed by the police. The player smashed the phone as the fan was trying to click a picture of him. Now, McGregor is being sued by very same man.

McGregor, former UFC Champion for two-division, last fought in the month of October at the UFC 229. The player was fined and suspended by the NAC or Nevada Athletic Commission post fight for the role with regards to post-bout melee. However, he shall be eligible for competing in the same next month.

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