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China confirms data exchange with NASA for Chang’e 4 landing


China recently went to the far side of our Moon and the data of the expedition was exchanged by Chinese officials with NASA as confirmed on Monday. This was first among the collaborations by China with America after a law banned the jointly conducted space projects that came with no prior approval by the Congress.

Wu Yanhua, the Deputy Director for Chinese Space Agency, said that NASA had shared all available information about the Lunar Orbiter Satellite. The American space agency hopes that it can help monitoring landing of Chang’e 4 Spacecraft. This particular spacecraft made China, very first country to have landed on the other side of moon which occurred during the early half of the month.

In exchange, China provided the coordinates and time for scheduled landing of the Chang’e 4. Wu mentioned that NASA couldn’t catch the satellite at this precise moment during landing, yet they managed to take photographs of landing area after the original landing.

A China Daily mentioned that this was first of its type cooperation since enactment of 2011 law by U.S. NASA, as of now, hasn’t published any such statements related to the collaboration. Moon’s far side as of recent was a challenge for the scientists given the fact that it is way beyond the reach of radio signals. In order to meet the requirements, China installed relay satellite during the month of May that receives communication transmissions from the Chang’e 4.

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